Box bodies and conversions

Box bodies and conversions     We provide box bodies for all types of commercial vehicle: from delivery vans to semi-trailers; for haulage, logistics, delivery and distribution; for tradespeople and for private use. We offer decades of experience and precise, innovative production. We also supply box bodies for mobile workshop and delivery vehicles, and secure loads and carry out repair work for bodies and tail lifts.

Accessible travel

Accessible travel     We build motorhomes and caravans for wheelchair users. Our services include installing lifts, widening doorways and customised furniture and modifications. We can create concepts for everything from accessible showers to modifying bed heights or electrical systems.

Tail lifts and truck loaders

Tail lifts and truck loaders     TST Fahrzeugbau can fit your vehicle with tail and other lifts from all major manufacturers including Bär, Dautel, Dhollandia, MBB and Sörensen. We can fit swivel tail lifts for municipal services vans. We also offer annual health and safety inspections in accordance with the German Road Traffic Act and Authorization of Vehicles for Road Transport (StVZO), and repair and servicing for tail lifts.

Tarpaulins and tarpaulin frames

Tarpaulins and tarpaulin frames     TST Fahrzeugbau produces innovative, customised vehicles. TST can provide all types of tarpaulin bodies such as “Hamburger-Verdeck” fixed tarpaulins, straight frame, sliding covers and curtainsiders with and without load securing systems. We also carry out all types of repair and tarpaulin maintenance, and supply tarpaulins with customised lettering. We provide all the tarpaulin services you need.

Flatbed bodies

Flatbed bodies     TST Fahrzeugbau supplies flatbed bodies for all types of commercial vehicle, from standard flatbed bodies to special customised solutions. TST provides excellent service for all your flatbed body needs.

Painting and lettering

Painting and lettering     TST provides complete painting services and repainting following accidents and repairs, using only the best quality coatings. We can also paint lettering, to your design specifications if required.

Fitting special equipment

Fitting special equipment     TST Fahrzeugbau GmbH can mount individual, customised bodies on chassis from all major commercial vehicle manufacturers. We carry out modifications and conversions and can repair and service your bodies. We work with you to examine your needs and specifications to ensure the perfect solution for your vehicle use. We can build all standard body types such as box bodies, temperature-controlled and refrigerated vehicles and flatbed trucks, with or without tarpaulin frames. We can provide detailed estimates for customised solutions.

Health and safety approval for tail lifts and loaders

Health and safety approval for tail lifts and loaders     We provide the statutory health and safety check for tail lifts and truck loaders and lifters required by the German Road Traffic Act and Authorization of Vehicles for Road Transport (StVZO). We also service equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Gas inspections

Gas inspections     We conduct the necessary DVFG German liquid gas association specialist gas inspections for gas-powered devices in motorhomes, caravans and other applications.


Inspections     We provide certified inspection and maintenance services for vehicles, bodies and equipment, including the collection and return of your vehicle on request.

Securing loads

Securing loads     TST fits load securing systems in accordance with VDI 2700 or DC 9.5 guidelines. From lashing rails to locking bars, straps and telescopic rods – TST provides the entire range of load securing systems for your individual needs.

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